Sock wear fashion has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. The branded colorful sock has becoming one the trendiest fashion accessory and a staple in many wardrobes. Checkout hashtags such as #socks or #sockgame to see how many people share their funky socks.



The international sock wear giant STANCE has been at the forefront of this fashion revolution. Stance is the official sock of the NBA and has been endorsed by a list celebrities like the bad girl Rihanna who has her own Stance line of socks & sporting legends such as Jason Jessee who also has his a signature collection to mentioned but a few.





Locally, the interest in branded socks has seen the growth of South African produced sock wear brands like TOEPORN SOCKS competing in this tough market segment. All these progressions ultimately mean that the customer will get high quality and only the freshest socks. 


Let's get a bit technical. The sock comprises of different parts. The chart below will help you in getting to grips with the special features of any particular sock. 

When choosing socks, make sure that your pair has a reinforced heel and toe to allow for flexibility and that the Cuff is holds firm enough to keep the sock upright but is not too tight. 

Socks come in a host of material, and it all comes to to personal style and feel. Some of the most common sock materials are:

  • Cotton - most socks are made from cotton due to it being a cheap material. But besides the cost aspect cotton is a soft but durable fiber that holds its shape for a long time. It is also a cooler option to wool socks and as such would be recommended for hotter days. Combines well with sneakers and shoes.
  • Wool - wool is a thick fabric that works very well in cold conditions. Wool socks are also very durable which means they have a long lifespan and soft to the touch for great comfort. Combines well with sneakers and boots.
  • Silk - generally these socks aren't cut out for everyday use, in that as silk is less durable than cotton and wool. However the luxurious feel and shimmering look adds a classy finish to formal wear. 

The matching of socks with the rest of your outfit is an entirely different story. Some schools of though suggest that the overriding color of your sock should match your pants, while others believe you should match your socks to your shoes. In our opinion the pants and socks match is more suitable for a formal look and the latter match goes well with a casual look. No hard and fast rules on this one !!!  


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