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When shopping online the product description is what you will use to determine if the product us suitable for you. 

Let’s face it no one wants to go through the schlep of exchanges, refunds and returns especially when you’re really eager to rock your new kicks. (Side note: we have a pain free exchanges processes **wink **) 

These days footwear comes in various designs, cuts, fabrics and colour ways. We’re going to try give you a glossary of the most common descriptions we use in our store to help you with your shopping: 

  • High Top Kicks -  These cover your ankle area and reach towards your shins.

  • Mid-Top Kicks -  These cover just your ankle but do not extend any further.


  • Leather -   The hide of an animal that has been treated and tanned.
  • Leather Upper - The bulk of the exterior of the shoe, everything except the sole and interior, made of leather rather than man-made materials.
  • Lining - The material inside a shoe, often different from the material which comprises the outside of the item.
  • Low Top Kicks -  These as the name suggest fit low on your foot and don’t cover your ankle area.




  • Slip-On- A shoe which can go onto the foot without use of a lace or strap, and therefore theoretically possible to be put on without use of the hands.



  • Sole- The outsole, or bottom part of a shoe.
  • Suede- Treated leather that comprises a soft, napped surface.
  • Toe Cap - A decorative layer of leather adorning and reinforcing the toe of certain shoes, often highlighted by a line of decorative stitching.
  • Upper- All parts of a shoe above the sole that are stitched together.

Hope these clear up the confusion, if not remember you can always hit us up on



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